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Christening Photographer Melbourne Orthodox Christening

Pixel Perfect Images Melbourne

Experienced Photographer in Catholic & Orthodox Christening

With 150+ Christening’s Captured

Christening Photographer Melbourne


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  • Online Photo Gallery that can be instantly downloaded & shared with friends. (Click here for an Example Album)

  • Unlimited Edited Photographs in High Resolution (No watermarks)

  • 3 – 4 Week Photo Turnaround

  • Melbourne Metro region only

Experienced Photographer in Catholic & Orthodox Christening

Pixel Perfect Images Melbourne brings you Christening Photography, unlike any other Melbourne Photographers.

Capturing the beauty of this ceremonial day with experience and admiration.

Pixel Perfect Images has more than 7 years experience in Catholic Christening and Orthodox Christening, with 150+ Christening’s captured.

From Beginning To End

Being as un-intrusive as we can be, we offer you Christening Photography before, during, and after the ceremony.

Giving you a perfectly aligned sequence of creative and beautiful coverage of your child’s special day.

Capture The Most Memorable Moments

Your child’s baptism is an extraordinary event filled with the most candid emotions of everyone involved.

We capture the most significant details in every shot.

Providing you with moments you will cherish for a lifetime.

Christening Photographer Melbourne

We handle the necessary requirements of photography during your child’s event.

We take on the planning, the right shots, and the necessary steps to not distract or disturb the ceremony.

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